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Touch Football Returns to Gundagai

With the announcement of the return to play Touch Football for all of community sport from 1 July, we are excited to return to our local park in the very near future. So dust off your boots, get your teams organised and be ready to play again.

Touch football is a simple sport that anyone can play! All ages and genders, and different abilities can play together, so you can put a family or work team together. It’s a really welcoming, inclusive community. If you’ve ever thought about seeing what Touch Football’s about, now’s the time to give it a go!

Touch Football have developed protocols to ensure your safe participation. It will still look a little different for a while, to ensure we maintain proper health and safety protocols, but we can play again.

NSW Touch Football clubs are starting adult winter competitions in selected locations. Other NSW competitions, as well as Juniors, will return during spring for their regular summer seasons.

We will post updates on our new website and will be taking registrations via

If you can’t see our location yet we should be starting back up in spring for our regular summer seasons, including Juniors!

Return to Play

Touch Football has developed Return to Sport guidelines and resources. Participants are encouraged to adopt the Get In. Play and Get Out approach. View the protocols.

Referees Checklist

Referees play an integral role in the game of Touch Football and will be required to work closely with Competition Administrators in assisting in the implementation of...

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